The most awaited: Super Bowl Sunday, the last stand of live TV

Nobody would want to miss Super Bowl Sunday. Some stream digitally, others watch it in a friend’s house, and some fire up the cable box. You will find millions of fans watching the event live, in front of their televisions. The popularity of the Super Bowl is just as it was decades ago, and it is not slowing down any time soon.

There has been a rapid fragmentation of the recent viewing audience, but what has not changed is that everyone wants to watch the sports live. Super Bowl has scooped 9 out of 10 television programs that were rated highest in the United States’ history. Super Bowl is a special event because it is not disrupted by streaming, or even anything else. Super Bowl continues to be streamed live even by the young audience, with most of them streaming it straight from the television, as the surveys suggest.

The new social media technology is undoubtedly going to change the Super Bowl experience, according to Robert Thompson. The threats of the NFL experience are how the abuse cases are mishandled, and also the concussion crisis besieging it. The 2018 Super Bowl had an average of 104 million viewers, and it was between Patriots and Eagles. Super Bowl has a higher rating than NFC title games, The Oscars, and Olympics. Super Bowl is undoubtedly one the sports events that are most heavily wagered on.

The Super Bowl brings all people together, and they all enjoy the party. It does not matter what teams are playing or what the final score is– everyone just gets excited about it. According to Gennaro, Super Bowl cannot be evaluated as a football game on any level as it is definitely more than that.


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