Pre-Deadline Chat of Game Week 24

Allow us to deliberate few of the chief points in proceeding to GW 24. This includes the new Chelsea key player.

For fantasy managers, GW 24 will be more interesting than before. There will be a double game on the upcoming week. It is equally important to make decisions carefully this week and the weeks to come. These are the questions you might ask involving the deadline:

Will the London teams be able to recuperate?

Teams namely Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal suffered a loss last weekend in the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup). It was perhaps the best time for coaches Mauricio Pochettino and Unai Emery for a chance to get a trophy this season. What both managers need to do is to formulate new strategies and tactics to ace it. The teams have concerns regarding injuries. But with a bit of luck, they are hoping to get three points each in their home courts.

Can Manchester and Everton change your current strategies?

Will you invest resources from these teams? With the upcoming double game next week, are you willing to expend your wildcard or free hit chip? How you plan your tactics not just next week will affect your ranking in the finals. For you to be triumphant in fantasy football, you must plan these decisions wisely.

Away games are on schedule for both of these teams. Although at a disadvantage, these games are winnable with the right choice of players that you put on your team.

Update: After playing last weekend, Benjamin Mendy had an inflammation in his injured knee; be updated.

Is it a YES or a NO for Gonzalo?

Sheffield Wednesday is currently not an excellent team. But many are planning to bring Gonzalo Higuain to their respective teams. There will be a match this week between AFC Bournemouth versus Sheffield Wednesday. This might be a great match for the new player since the Boscombes are ranked 4th as the team with most goals this season.

Developing Gonzalo’s skills should be easier since he will play together with Eden Hazard and the other talented players at Chelsea. Moreover, Chelsea’s a better team than AC Milan.

So how are you planning your Fantasy Premier League this week? It is up to you to decide as to which teams will emerge victorious.


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