Dynasty Players You Should Buy and Sell

Dynasty football just ended a few months back. Some may have bagged the championship while others feel exasperated knowing that their team just couldn’t advance to the championships or that their players incurred injuries which made them miss the season. But for these players, there are no off-duties. Here are four names of players you should buy and sell:

Zay Jones (Buy)

Isaiah Avery “Zay” Jones is a wide receiver from the Buffalo Bills. Despite the hurdle from his two offseason surgeries which made him skip the entire off-season program and an incident from Los Angeles residence, Jones still showed great potential. During the last five games last year, he even got five out of his seven touchdowns. He showed great improvement by garnering 52 receiving yards compared to 36 receiving yards which he obtained during his first twelve games of the season. With the existence of Foster, Jones became more prolific because the two helped each other on the field. The team is targeting a new receiver for the next season.

 Antonio Callaway (Buy)

He is a wide receiver from the Cleveland Browns. Due to his suspension during his final college season, Callaway went down to the fourth round of the NFL draft but he has the skill of a seasoned first-round receiver. He has the strength to pounce the defense vertically. With the aid of Baker Mayfield’s good arm strength and good aim, Callaway will begin to improve his standing. He will be a tough one to beat out this coming season.

 Ian Thomas (Buy)

Due to Greg Olsen’s tear-jerking right foot injury, it paved the way for Ian Thomas’ to score more points, thus gaining attention. Drafted fourth rounds by the Carolina Panthers for 2018, this tight end player averaged 7.8 targets from the 2014-2016, thus becoming the first to acquire 1000 or more receiving yards that time. If Olsen’s snaps would be restricted, this would allow Thomas to play in the field some more.

Jalen Richards (Buy)

This running back player from Oakland Raiders is at the peak of his career in 2018 scoring 866 yards on only 123 touches. He will be a free agent at the end of the season. Other teams are looking into closing a long-term deal with him. He will be the starter heading in this coming 2019 playoffs.

Leonard Fournette (Sell)

This American Football running back from Jacksonville Jaguars finished last season as RB 40 spoiled by his injuries and controversies. He was suspended last season due to his unpleasant work attitude. Last 2017, he gained only 56% out of his 564 snaps with an average of 4 yards per carry. This is the right time to vend him off.

So, there you have it. You already have the power in your hands. Think wisely!



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