Christian McCaffrey worthy of the title as #1 pick in fantasy football?

McCaffrey’s team, the Panthers was not able to reach the accomplishment they expected in 2018. However, McCaffrey’s team on fantasy football made a lot of achievements.

McCaffrey was not able to get his first Professional Bowl even after setting a record high of 107 receptions done by running backs. The reason behind this may be because McCaffrey got mixed with a lot of potential talents within the NFC. Truth is, fantasy football draft blogs will be released next season and a lot of those shall highlight the top five running backs of the NFC  namely Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley, and lastly McCaffrey.

When the ESPN fantasy playoffs came, McCaffrey was more present in most teams in the championship than any NFC professional, 37.8% of the teams to be precise. In addition, McCaffrey was the only running back to make it to the top 10 of football rosters who entered the playoffs.

That’s maybe because McCaffrey was an inexpensive pick in 2018. He ranked as the 18th pick in the drafts– that only means he was combined with a 1st round pick – maybe Elliot or Barkley.

Even if Patrick Mahomes ranked 1st in the scoring title of running backs in ESPN points/reception setup, McCaffrey ranked 3rd, just 0.3 points below from Barkley (who ranked 2nd). used a non-PPR scoring structure. This scoring system favors heavily the quarterbacks because non-PPR scoring structure awards every touchdown pass with 6 points. Meanwhile, McCaffrey still ranked 3rd among the running backs after Barkley and Gurley.

Expert running backs has a greater draft frequency rather than quarterbacks in the NFL fantasy scoring structure. Patrick Mahomes made a season which not anyone could have foreseen. Delete him from the picture and you will have Matt Ryan as the top scoring quarterback. Ryan had approximately 70 points more than Newton, who was 10 spots behind Ryan.

Even if you disregard the scoring system, there will always be a superior bet on first-class running backs. McCaffrey is highly qualified in this aspect. It is impossible to predict touchdown figures, the running backs excluding McCaffrey has an average of 16 receiving or rushing touchdowns in the past season while McCaffrey made 13.

So with the qualifications, McCaffrey had shown, the highly recommended # 1 pick would best be Barkley or McCaffrey since both of these players have high potential to improve better in offense regarding their position.


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