2019 Overvalued NFL Players

Apart from having undervalued players, we also have overvalued players in the world of Football. As we get near to the grafting season, it’s important to know what is used in valuing players. The hype of first-round grade is making people value players more than they are. However, overvaluing does not mean that players will not make it to the NFL, but it means that they are given a higher scorecard than they are worth.

NFL Overvalued Players

The following are some of the players who are likely to have been overvalued in NFL ranking:

Josh Jacobs

Many people have acknowledged Alabama’s Josh Jacobs as a promising NFL star. He was unknown to many till January when he started shinning in the game.

Josh is a gorgeous player in the game playing the role of a running back. His tactics are noticeable in the technical and fundamental parts of the play. He is able to beat across the defence by changing the direction of his navigation and bursting up any defender by lowering his pads into contact before pulling up.

However, Josh is not such an athletic superstar. With all the expectations coming from the majority of the fans, he lacks the high-end speed needed in the game. We have not seen how he handles a full workload since he was only given double-digit carries in only seven college games.

Benny Snell

Benny has a lot of vision in the game. He is 5 feet and 11 inches, weighing 223 pounds. He makes his decisions well while in the game. His physicality makes him cut well in the field. Benny protects any pass efficiently, making him perfect in that role.

However, the lack of sustainable high speed and acceleration makes him taken down easily by opponents. He is also a none factor when it comes to receiving. He doesn’t have the capacity to effectively outrun the linebackers.


Williams did well in his 2018 games. With a perfectly blocked way, Williams was able to have a wide-open run through and weave through the defence at the second and third level.

However, his change of direction tactic is too slow, making him be tackled easily. He also lacks an elite contact balance while on the field.

In conclusion, despite the setbacks in these players, there is a room for improvement. It’s in the minds of many that these players will work out the shortcomings in the game.


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