2019 Overvalued NFL Players

Apart from having undervalued players, we also have overvalued players in the world of Football. As we get near to the grafting season, it’s important to know what is used in valuing players. The hype of first-round grade is making people value players more than they are. However, overvaluing does not mean that players will not make it to the NFL, but it means that they are given a higher scorecard than they are worth.

NFL Overvalued Players

The following are some of the players who are likely to have been overvalued in NFL ranking:

Josh Jacobs

Many people have acknowledged Alabama’s Josh Jacobs as a promising NFL star. He was unknown to many till January when he started shinning in the game.

Josh is a gorgeous player in the game playing the role of a running back. His tactics are noticeable in the technical and fundamental parts of the play. He is able to beat across the defence by changing the direction of his navigation and bursting up any defender by lowering his pads into contact before pulling up.

However, Josh is not such an athletic superstar. With all the expectations coming from the majority of the fans, he lacks the high-end speed needed in the game. We have not seen how he handles a full workload since he was only given double-digit carries in only seven college games.

Benny Snell

Benny has a lot of vision in the game. He is 5 feet and 11 inches, weighing 223 pounds. He makes his decisions well while in the game. His physicality makes him cut well in the field. Benny protects any pass efficiently, making him perfect in that role.

However, the lack of sustainable high speed and acceleration makes him taken down easily by opponents. He is also a none factor when it comes to receiving. He doesn’t have the capacity to effectively outrun the linebackers.


Williams did well in his 2018 games. With a perfectly blocked way, Williams was able to have a wide-open run through and weave through the defence at the second and third level.

However, his change of direction tactic is too slow, making him be tackled easily. He also lacks an elite contact balance while on the field.

In conclusion, despite the setbacks in these players, there is a room for improvement. It’s in the minds of many that these players will work out the shortcomings in the game.

Sky Sports Fantasy Football Team Week 27

Check out the top performers from game week 27 of Sky Sports Fantasy Football.

Sergio Aguero

Two hat-tricks in just three matches cemented Aguero’s place in the Fantasy Team for the second consecutive week. Aguero has now tied Mohamed Salah in the Golden Boot race with 17 goals.

Paul Pogba

This is Pogba’s fourth time featured in the Fantasy Team. Paul Pogba has contributed 13 goals, under the management of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in nine games.

Raheem Sterling

In his last eight Premiere League matches, Sterling has contributed eight goals (three goals, five assists). Raheem Sterling now ranks seventh place in the overall Fantasy Football Points chart.

Chris Wood

Wood contributed two goals in his team’s win over Brighton, which extends their undefeated run of seven games. He raked in 17 points from this fixture.

Christian Eriksen

This is Eriksen’s fourth time to rake in double figures in a fixture this term for Fantasy Points. He contributed four goals in the last six matches. So far, this is his largest haul of Fantasy Points this season.

Georginio Wijnaldum

Wijnaldum grabbed his highest points tally against Bournemouth for the season. His performance on Saturday earned him 14.9 percent of his Fantasy Football Points.

Sol Bamba

Bamba scored the opening goal for Southampton and celebrated it wildly with the fans. His performance earned him the MOTM award for the second time this season.

Craig Cathcart

The defender Cathcart earned 34 points from his last four Premiere League games, with an average of 8.5 per match.

Willy Boly

Boly’s goal in the 95th minute earned him a place in this week’s Fantasy Team, which earned him double figures in Fantasy Points.

Joel Matip

He earned a tier two passing bonus points and an important clean sheet for Liverpool against Bournemouth. Matip is stepping in for the injured Dejan Lovren and Joe Gomez.

Hugo Lloris

Lloris’ save against Jamie Vardy’s penalty kick earned him a point that enabled him to be a part of the Fantasy Team this week. He now has 19 Fantasy Points from his last two fixtures.

There you have it football fans. Let’s see who’ll stay, who’ll be out, and who’ll be in for next Fantasy Football Team of the Week.

Ole Gunnar Daunts Fantasy Football Managers with Last Minute Rashford Omission

The Red Devil’s caretaker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not a favorite among many fantasy premier league managers after killing their game week 26 morale before it even kicked off. This is after opting not to include January’s player of the month Marcus Rashford in the starting 11 against relegation-threatened Fulham.

The 21-year-old youngster has been in the form of his life since Ole Gunnar took charge at Manchester United earning managers 55 points since then. Rashford scored five goals in his last six games increasing his ownership to 41.9%. Almost all the managers owning Rashford in their team chose to give him the armband with the expectation that he will thrive against the struggling Fulham with the other big-name forwards with difficult fixtures.

It was demoralizing for many managers. The only hope was if Rashford came on as a substitute and scored or gave an assist to rescue the managers. However, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made sure that that also never happened. Manchester United was dominating the game in the first half and went for the break 2-0 up. The manager did not see the point of risking the young ace especially with France giants Paris St Germaine visiting Old Trafford on Tuesday for champions league football.

Some managers saw it coming with Manchester set to battle PSG and Liverpool this week and benched Rashford. There is also the lucky lot who chose Manchester’s city sterling as a vice-captain or organized their bench for a high scoring Rashford replacement.

However, the omission of Rashford for this game week will not decrease his ownership or trigger managers to transfer him out unless you are a rookie manager.

Rashford remains as one of the best budget forwards cost less than the less scoring teammate Romelo Lukaku who is priced at 10.7 against Rashford’s 7.8.

It’s a question whether Marcus Rashford will remain a high scoring forward more so with difficult fixtures coming up for the Red Devils. But with Manchester City having a blank game week 27, it seems that doubtful managers will transfer out the Red Devil’s striker.

Christian McCaffrey worthy of the title as #1 pick in fantasy football?

McCaffrey’s team, the Panthers was not able to reach the accomplishment they expected in 2018. However, McCaffrey’s team on fantasy football made a lot of achievements.

McCaffrey was not able to get his first Professional Bowl even after setting a record high of 107 receptions done by running backs. The reason behind this may be because McCaffrey got mixed with a lot of potential talents within the NFC. Truth is, fantasy football draft blogs will be released next season and a lot of those shall highlight the top five running backs of the NFC  namely Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara, Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley, and lastly McCaffrey.

When the ESPN fantasy playoffs came, McCaffrey was more present in most teams in the championship than any NFC professional, 37.8% of the teams to be precise. In addition, McCaffrey was the only running back to make it to the top 10 of football rosters who entered the playoffs.

That’s maybe because McCaffrey was an inexpensive pick in 2018. He ranked as the 18th pick in the drafts– that only means he was combined with a 1st round pick – maybe Elliot or Barkley.

Even if Patrick Mahomes ranked 1st in the scoring title of running backs in ESPN points/reception setup, McCaffrey ranked 3rd, just 0.3 points below from Barkley (who ranked 2nd).

NFL.com used a non-PPR scoring structure. This scoring system favors heavily the quarterbacks because non-PPR scoring structure awards every touchdown pass with 6 points. Meanwhile, McCaffrey still ranked 3rd among the running backs after Barkley and Gurley.

Expert running backs has a greater draft frequency rather than quarterbacks in the NFL fantasy scoring structure. Patrick Mahomes made a season which not anyone could have foreseen. Delete him from the picture and you will have Matt Ryan as the top scoring quarterback. Ryan had approximately 70 points more than Newton, who was 10 spots behind Ryan.

Even if you disregard the scoring system, there will always be a superior bet on first-class running backs. McCaffrey is highly qualified in this aspect. It is impossible to predict touchdown figures, the running backs excluding McCaffrey has an average of 16 receiving or rushing touchdowns in the past season while McCaffrey made 13.

So with the qualifications, McCaffrey had shown, the highly recommended # 1 pick would best be Barkley or McCaffrey since both of these players have high potential to improve better in offense regarding their position.

Dynasty Players You Should Buy and Sell

Dynasty football just ended a few months back. Some may have bagged the championship while others feel exasperated knowing that their team just couldn’t advance to the championships or that their players incurred injuries which made them miss the season. But for these players, there are no off-duties. Here are four names of players you should buy and sell:

Zay Jones (Buy)

Isaiah Avery “Zay” Jones is a wide receiver from the Buffalo Bills. Despite the hurdle from his two offseason surgeries which made him skip the entire off-season program and an incident from Los Angeles residence, Jones still showed great potential. During the last five games last year, he even got five out of his seven touchdowns. He showed great improvement by garnering 52 receiving yards compared to 36 receiving yards which he obtained during his first twelve games of the season. With the existence of Foster, Jones became more prolific because the two helped each other on the field. The team is targeting a new receiver for the next season.

 Antonio Callaway (Buy)

He is a wide receiver from the Cleveland Browns. Due to his suspension during his final college season, Callaway went down to the fourth round of the NFL draft but he has the skill of a seasoned first-round receiver. He has the strength to pounce the defense vertically. With the aid of Baker Mayfield’s good arm strength and good aim, Callaway will begin to improve his standing. He will be a tough one to beat out this coming season.

 Ian Thomas (Buy)

Due to Greg Olsen’s tear-jerking right foot injury, it paved the way for Ian Thomas’ to score more points, thus gaining attention. Drafted fourth rounds by the Carolina Panthers for 2018, this tight end player averaged 7.8 targets from the 2014-2016, thus becoming the first to acquire 1000 or more receiving yards that time. If Olsen’s snaps would be restricted, this would allow Thomas to play in the field some more.

Jalen Richards (Buy)

This running back player from Oakland Raiders is at the peak of his career in 2018 scoring 866 yards on only 123 touches. He will be a free agent at the end of the season. Other teams are looking into closing a long-term deal with him. He will be the starter heading in this coming 2019 playoffs.

Leonard Fournette (Sell)

This American Football running back from Jacksonville Jaguars finished last season as RB 40 spoiled by his injuries and controversies. He was suspended last season due to his unpleasant work attitude. Last 2017, he gained only 56% out of his 564 snaps with an average of 4 yards per carry. This is the right time to vend him off.

So, there you have it. You already have the power in your hands. Think wisely!


The most awaited: Super Bowl Sunday, the last stand of live TV

Nobody would want to miss Super Bowl Sunday. Some stream digitally, others watch it in a friend’s house, and some fire up the cable box. You will find millions of fans watching the event live, in front of their televisions. The popularity of the Super Bowl is just as it was decades ago, and it is not slowing down any time soon.

There has been a rapid fragmentation of the recent viewing audience, but what has not changed is that everyone wants to watch the sports live. Super Bowl has scooped 9 out of 10 television programs that were rated highest in the United States’ history. Super Bowl is a special event because it is not disrupted by streaming, or even anything else. Super Bowl continues to be streamed live even by the young audience, with most of them streaming it straight from the television, as the surveys suggest.

The new social media technology is undoubtedly going to change the Super Bowl experience, according to Robert Thompson. The threats of the NFL experience are how the abuse cases are mishandled, and also the concussion crisis besieging it. The 2018 Super Bowl had an average of 104 million viewers, and it was between Patriots and Eagles. Super Bowl has a higher rating than NFC title games, The Oscars, and Olympics. Super Bowl is undoubtedly one the sports events that are most heavily wagered on.

The Super Bowl brings all people together, and they all enjoy the party. It does not matter what teams are playing or what the final score is– everyone just gets excited about it. According to Gennaro, Super Bowl cannot be evaluated as a football game on any level as it is definitely more than that.

Tom Brady and Julian Edelman Favorites to Start 2019 Super Bowl Pool In NFL Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge

With the NFL season down to the final week, managers are looking for replacements in their lineups that will kill off their season. Options are available from only two teams– the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams.

At this point, setting up your line up for the NFL playoff challenge is a tricky affair. To help you out, below are the best experts’ pick for the playoff challenge.

One of the players experts are rooting on is Tom Brady. Brady will be making his ninth appearance in the Superbowl. He has completed 65.8 % of his passes, 18 touchdowns, and over five interceptions. These stats are based on his past 8 games. He has averaged over 300 yards a game.

In the last two appearances in the super bowl, Tom Brady threw 505 yards with 3 touchdowns, when the Patriots lost to the Eagles at Super Bowl LII. At super bowl LI, Brady threw 466 yards in the process winning two touchdowns. His efforts helped the team beat the Falcons.

Another top pick is Julian Edelman, a patriot’s receiver.  He is a safe pick courtesy of his consistency. Julian has received more than double-digit targets in as many as eight games. He has also averaged 6 catches per 70 yards throws in the eight games.

Tom Brady and Edelman have formed a good partnership. The two have achieved 16 receptions that have exceeded 240 yards.

The last six weeks in the lead up to the super bowl week has seen Edelman receive double-digit targets in five games. He managed 42 catches and 3 touchdowns for about 652 yards.

Edelman is a safe gamble in the NFL playoff challenge. ]

Others players favorites for the super bowl challenge include Brandin Cooks, Sony Michel, and Rex Burkhead and Josh Reynolds as big risk picks.

The best picks will be players who can go off for big numbers at the Superbowl. Brady and Edelman could be the saviors for many managers in the Superbowl playoff challenge.



Pre-Deadline Chat of Game Week 24

Allow us to deliberate few of the chief points in proceeding to GW 24. This includes the new Chelsea key player.

For fantasy managers, GW 24 will be more interesting than before. There will be a double game on the upcoming week. It is equally important to make decisions carefully this week and the weeks to come. These are the questions you might ask involving the deadline:

Will the London teams be able to recuperate?

Teams namely Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal suffered a loss last weekend in the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup). It was perhaps the best time for coaches Mauricio Pochettino and Unai Emery for a chance to get a trophy this season. What both managers need to do is to formulate new strategies and tactics to ace it. The teams have concerns regarding injuries. But with a bit of luck, they are hoping to get three points each in their home courts.

Can Manchester and Everton change your current strategies?

Will you invest resources from these teams? With the upcoming double game next week, are you willing to expend your wildcard or free hit chip? How you plan your tactics not just next week will affect your ranking in the finals. For you to be triumphant in fantasy football, you must plan these decisions wisely.

Away games are on schedule for both of these teams. Although at a disadvantage, these games are winnable with the right choice of players that you put on your team.

Update: After playing last weekend, Benjamin Mendy had an inflammation in his injured knee; be updated.

Is it a YES or a NO for Gonzalo?

Sheffield Wednesday is currently not an excellent team. But many are planning to bring Gonzalo Higuain to their respective teams. There will be a match this week between AFC Bournemouth versus Sheffield Wednesday. This might be a great match for the new player since the Boscombes are ranked 4th as the team with most goals this season.

Developing Gonzalo’s skills should be easier since he will play together with Eden Hazard and the other talented players at Chelsea. Moreover, Chelsea’s a better team than AC Milan.

So how are you planning your Fantasy Premier League this week? It is up to you to decide as to which teams will emerge victorious.

Ten Things We Learned from The 2018 Fantasy Football Season

Oct 16, 2016; Green Bay, WI, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott (21) carries the ball past Green Bay Packers defensive end Datone Jones (95) in the second quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 season has been one of the best-break out campaigns. It set the most records for the multiple offensive styles witnessed during the whole season. What set the teams apart was the efficiency and the scoring that were first-time records.

Here are 10 points summarising the 2018 fantasy football season

1. Aerial attacks were an all-time high

With some individual brilliance from various players, the 2018 season set some pretty offensive records.

The season averaged 23.4 points per game, passing touchdowns were at an impressive 1.70, the competition rates reached 65%, and YPA was at 7.35. Drives that ended with a score tipped at 36.5%.

2. Zero RB is no longer a safe pick

Many fantasy managers choose to draft running backs in the first few rounds. They do this with the mentality that ball carriers get injured more than receivers.

This trick is proving less effective today as compared to the early years.

3. With proper planning, Zero  RB still rules

It is true that running backs are more prone to injuries. However, with proper mid-round selections, running backs can be the defining pick for your team.

4. Receivers rekindled their usefulness in a big way.

The receivers option broadened, and managers had a large pool of receivers to choose from.

5. Running backs were more involved in the game through increased passing.

6. Tight ends hit their lowest single-season points at 3,424.

The second lowest scoring for tight ends since 2010. The worst was the 2017 season. Sharp managers can notice an emerging trend from these stats.

7. Kittle saved the tight ends.

Kittle set the record for the most yards after the catch toping at an all-time 1,377 yards.

8. Christian McCaffrey was the differential pick.

McCaffrey won the league for many fantasy managers.

9. Tyler Lockett had a record-breaking 2018 season.

Lockett had a ridiculously dominant season as an individual.

10. Ezekiel Elliot will be the first pick for the 2019 season.

It will be no surprise that fantasy football players will opt for Zeke as the first choice for their team, with Saquon Barkley and Todd Gurley rivalling him.


Week 2; Boomers and Busters

Week 1 in the NFL was nothing short of spectacular, as expected of course. We witnessed the mighty New England Patriots get dismantled by a hungry Kansas City Chiefs team on TNF, as they displayed Alex Smith showed poise in the pocket and rallied the explosive Chiefs offense into victory, lead by a record performance in rookie halfback Kareem Hunt.

Week 1 also gave us grief too. Amazing games followed by a plethora of lengthy injuries to key players like David Johnson, Danny Woodhead and Allen Robinson. All in which have sent fantasy owners scampering to the waiver wire to grab the flavor of the week. However, no flavor of the week here, as Tarik Cohen has opened the eyes of all fantasy owners as this years possible breakout candidate. The opportunity is now for Cohen and if you haven’t grabbed this little ball of fury, I suggest you make your way to the waiver wire now and get him before it’s too late.

Anyhow, moving forward into Week 2 I’ve taken my Boomer & Busters to a whole new level of insanity. This week’s Boomers & Busters might leave you scratching your head, but when the dust settles you’ll be glad you listened to me.


Derek Carr (Boomer) vs NYJ

It appears the Oakland Raider’s future is now as Derek Carr leads this impressive high octane offense against a bewildered Jets defense. With arguably the best dual relieving core in Cooper & Crabtree at his disposal, Carr is in line for a monster Week 2.

Drew Brees (Buster) vs NE

How is Drew Brees a bust this week? Well let’s face the facts people and stop ignoring the elephant in the room. Brees is getting older, he’s now running with a new #1 WR in Michael Thomas who flopped last week, and his #2 wideout Willie Snead is still suspended. Not to say Brees won’t finish the 2017 season as a top 5 QB. However, this week Drew is my Buster pick at QB as the New England Patriots come to town looking for a bounce back performance. Someone has to pay and the defending champs are going to take it out on Drew Brees and the Saints.

Running Backs

Mike Gillislie (Boomer) at NO

In New England’s crowded backfield one man stands as the premier workhorse, say hello to Mike Gillislee. Look for New England’s offense to get back on track in Week 2 as the football gods are so kindly serving up the New Orleans Saints for the Patriots to feast upon.
Coming off a 3 touchdown performance in Week 1, Gillie is set for another blockbuster performance vs the Swiss cheese defense of the New Orlean Saints. Even you could average 4.5 YPC against the Saints!

Jay Ajayi (Buster) at LAC

Ajayi last 4 road games (Including playoffs) have been nothing to write home about as he’s averaging 2.8 YPC and 0 TDs over that 4 game span.

Albeit, a tasty matchup on the road vs the Los Angles Chargers, Ajayi and the Dolphins will be traveling across country to face-off in enemy territory. Look for the Charger to pounce on their prey and get out to a quick lead, leaving Miami and Ajayi playing catch up all game and possibly eliminating Miami’s rushing attack early and completely. After a early season BYE week, the Dolphins will be rusty and out of sync coming into this game. Ajayi is my BOLD PREDICTION BUSTER OF THE WEEK!

Wide Receiver

Brandin Cooks (Boomer) at NO

Look for Brandin Cooks to finally get in total rhythm with Mr. Brady this week. A seemingly perfect fit, Brady to Cooks, the speedster Cooks will be going up against his old team looking for vengeance. Not to mention Cooks is a absolute beast on turf and being back on the firm surface in the Super Dome only mean three things…..yards, receptions and touchdowns for BC in Week 2.

Odell Beckham Jr (Buster) vs Det

Another bold prediction as I have the ailing OBJ on my buster alert this week! Hampered by the high ankle sprain, OBJ is set for a Week 2 return to the gridiron vs a stout new and improved Lions defense. With the luxury of playing in the Meadowlands, OBJ is still going to be slowed by his ankle injury and not having played a single down of live NFL action yet, he’s bound to be slightly off center leading into Week 2. It’s hard to bench your best receiver, and if you do start him, tapper your expectations to a low-end WR2 performance at best.